About Baitul Couture

Baitul Couture [bay · tul; Arabic] [koo-toor; French] 
Translated as House of Fashion (noun)


Trendy, captivating, and irresistible, Baitul Couture (BC) is an online boutique and designer consignment offering modern and luxury fashion. In 2011, BC launched in Philadelphia, PA and mainly sold contemporary goods through third-party vendors. Due to extenuating circumstances we had to close our doors in 2015. 

Since reemerging online in 2020, Baitul Couture has been under the creative direction of two fashion lovers who have redefined how to enhance lifestyles while providing modest prices. 

The boutique offers only 100% authentic labels ranging from handbags, to shoes, clothing, and accessories. We are committed to offering authentic fashion and products that are NOT fake or replicas. We take pride in knowing that we inspect and authenticate all products before making them available to our customers. Our top priority is providing quality and exclusivity to our customers.  

Shop with us and let us help you, "obey your wallet."